When you see the Tommy Guns logo, there is more behind it that meets the eye. It represents a friendship and now a partnership. in May 2006 Tom opened his first place, Pizzeria Mangia, in Lake George and hired Brittany close to the same time as grand opening. After spending years working side by side, although the business aspect ended, the friendship contiued. Now, many years later, Tom and Brittany have found themselves in the right place and time in life and with that, Tommy Guns was started. It may have been over a few drinks that the dream was thought up, but with endless support from friends, family, and community, this duo is thrilled to be able to share delicious, qualiy ingredients with old italin recipes. 
Our goal at Tommy Guns is simple, to  please the customer and provide the best recipes made with the best quality ingredients. All while treating the pizzeria like home, inviting  new friends  in and creating memories while enjoying great food! Really, thats the good life! Community is number one to the Tommy Guns family. Please ask for Tom or Brittany when looking for discounts for fundraisers, school functions, parties, etc... We will do our BEST to help out as much as possible!